Dr. Andreas Ritter

Dr Andreas Ritter
Born 23 March 1964
Admitted as a lawyer in Zurich 1996
Academic background and professional career
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Academic background and professional career

Following his law studies at the University of Zurich (law ​​degree 1989) Andreas worked for three years as a doctoral assistant at the Chair of intellectual property law, media law, employment law and sociology of law at his home university. After completing his dissertation in 1993, he worked for three years at the Zurich district court. After his admission as a lawyer in 1996 and several years of activity in a large business law firm in Zurich, he founded his own firm in 2001. In addition to legal advocacy in the strict sense, Andreas Ritter holds positions in several companies and cultural institutions. He is the author of several publications in the areas of intellectual property law and, in particular, of art law.

Preferred areas of practice Art law, intellectual property, copyright, communications and advertising law, trademark and information technology law, competition law, selected areas of business law; employment law, and commercial processes.
Memberships Zürcher Anwaltsverband, Schweizerischer Anwaltsverband, Forum für Kommunikationsrecht, Centre du droit de l'art and the Institut für Schweizerisches Arbeitsrecht.
Languages German, French, English, and Italian