ART LAW In the field of the art market, our clients include art museums, public and private art galleries, auction houses, collectors, holders of bequests, artists and architects, whom we support in sector-specific legal issues. We advise on the areas of copyright and personal law, other types of protection of any art or intangible asset, for events and exhibitions, the consignment and sale of art works, foundation formation, inheritance planning, insurance and customs matters, and the construction and design of business structures . In the area of visual arts, we have particular experience in the repossession of stolen art works, in the transfer of cultural goods, and in copyright problems. 
MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS LAW, MUSIC AND STAGE We advise in the areas of copyright and personal law. We are concerned with all aspects of press, photography and communication law. We have been advising corporate media for many years and we are active in all areas of civil, criminal and competitive press law, and forensic law. We are experienced in all aspects of image and publishing law and of data-protection. We provide a comprehensive service for music law, in particular recording piracy, film, and stage law.

We understand advertising as an interstitial area comprising a multitude of laws and regulations for advertising and marketing scattered across diverse legislation. Our clients include advertising and PR agencies, market research and media companies and their customers, whom we advise on the development of legal compliance strategies.


Our consulting starts with marketing or sales practices and promotions and checks sponsorship and promotional appearances with respect to advertising, packaging, and labelling regulations and to corporate, trademark, copyright, and data protection law. If necessary, we defend the uniqueness of a market identity against counterfeiting.

FOUNDATION LAW AND INHERITANCE PLANNING As a business-oriented law firm, we work for our clients in all economically relevant areas of civil law, with emphasis on the areas of contract and foundation law, property law, and inheritance law, including inheritance planning. Besides advisory activities, contract design and management of contract negotiations in national and international affairs, we are also forensically active on our clients’ behalf.

Our clients include small, medium-sized and larger companies and corporations at national and international level. In addition to advising and representing the companies themselves, we also attend to the interests of shareholders and corporate bodies. We offer comprehensive advice on company matters, from foundation and dealing with the relevant government offices to supporting internal corporate affairs, including strategic advice and corporate housekeeping and corporate secretary functions.


A focus of our activities in this area lies in the mitigation of the conflict situations typical of companies and in the management of liability cases and other adversarial proceedings.

LITIGATION AND ARBITRATION Companies are increasingly interested in efficient and economical conflict-resolution mechanisms. We support our clients in the selection of cases and represent them in court, arbitration, administrative, and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. We take action with arbitration boards, both independently and on behalf of our clients.

We advise HR managers, employers and employees in large and small structures in the areas of private and public employment law in all questions which can arise in the course of working relationships.

For our clients, we design contracts for all kinds of work situations (such as freelance, part-time contracts, on-call work) obtain work permits, offer our clients straightforward and practical assistance in everyday employment law, and, if unavoidable, take cases to the labour court.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY In the information technology sector, we advise and represent our international clientele, both service providers and customers. Our services include consultation regarding the development of customised and practical solutions, taking into account potential legal risks and relevant legal aspects (such as copyright, data-protection and contract law).
SPORTS LAW In the area of sports law, we advise athletes and sporting clubs and associations in questions of association law, business, and employment law and personal law. We design employment and sponsoring contracts for individuals and clubs and advise organisers when holding sports events and in the field of marketing and transfer rights.